4 Ways To Make Your At Home Teeth Whiteners Yourself


At home teeth whiteners is easy and far cheaper than any. Most procedure at home teeth whiteners is come from natural ingredient, so it’s a real safe. No harm and no chemical substance, but of course you are advice to get a proven word from respective referrer such as dentist to start your at home teeth whiteners style.

4 Ways to Make Your At Home Teeth Whiteners

Table Salt and Lemon Juice

As the cost below 5 dollar, sure everyone can afford it to do your at home teeth whiteners. Just take a little table salt and lemon juice, and then mix it. Apply the mixture onto your teeth and wait to see the result. With just below 5 dollar sure this at home teeth whitener saves you a lot and you can use for months to come!. This is an easy and effective method of ensuring that teeth are cleaned appropriately.

Baking Soda as Toothpaste at Home Teeth Whiteners

Ok maybe this method already well known too many at home teeth whiteners user. Yet one of the most effective is the implementation of baking soda at home teeth whiteners. Just take a bit of baking soda pot and add some water to make a paste-like solution. Once the right consistency is established, you will simply place this solution on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you would if you were using toothpaste.

Oranges peel

Many believe you can shine your teeth at home teeth whiteners by rubbing your teeth with a peel of an orange. This safe remedy as at home teeth whiteners will naturally shine your teeth. This method is even more effective if you add a dab of table salt to the peeling.

Baking soda with hydrogen peroxide

Adding a hydrogen peroxide with an amount of baking soda is also one of at home teeth whiteners proven remedy. But of course you must be careful to not swallow that hydrogen peroxide at all. If you just accidentally swallow the hydrogen peroxide, you must dilute the hydrogen substance by drinking more water.

Precaution Your at Home Teeth Whiteners

Although this article already cover 4 proven ways your at home teeth whiteners, but it still not suitable to follow the instruction as guide above because this article does not provide specific amount that naturally safe for you. Like we agree before, you must always take a short of advice from dentist to start. Maybe you can browse over Google to find out any dentist expert online to help you to save your time.

For those who doesn’t believe or frustrated with an at home teeth whiteners that need long time to achieve how about we introduce you a teeth whitening pen, much more easier. Very portable and the application below 60 seconds rather than time you spend to mix the natural ingredients. Maybe you can give it a try to teeth whitening pens. It will much easier just follow this instruction. Really hope teeth whitening pens can revolutionary your old school style before.